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Neues vom A-Wurf vom Wellier Land


Today we visited Jule and the seven puppies - all are healthy and lovely progeny of Jule vom Klosterfels and Ursus von den Halfingern. It gave us pleasure to see the puppies. New photos and videos are now online. Mehr...

Neues vom C-Wurf vom Elfenreich


Today 10 German Pinscher puppies, the C-litter "vom Elfenreich", were bord - 3 males and 7 females. Mehr...

1. place & BOB at the "Jahressiegerauslese" (JSA) in Saarbrücken


Ursus achived the 1st place and BOB at the "Jahressiegerauslese" (JSA) in Saarbrücken. Mehr...

1. place at the CACIB-Schau in Saarbrücken


Ursus achived the 1st place at the CACIB show in Saarbrücken. Mehr...

1. place at the KSA in Saarbrücken


Ursus achived the 1st place at the Klubsieger-Zuchtschau in Saarbrücken. Mehr...

Covering of Ria's Sommerwind's Cara Comtessa


Today Ursus von den Haflingern has covered Cara Comtessa. This will be the A-litter of "Comtessa's". Mehr...

3 males and 4 females are the A-litter "vom Wellier Land"


On 06th April seven German Pinscher puppies (all black/tan) are the offspring of Jule vom Klosterfels and Ursus von den Haflingern. More...

vWD examination: Ursus is free (N/N)


The examination result for "von Willebrand disease" is N/N = free. Mehr...

Jule is pregnant


Ursus' cover of Jule vom Klosterfels (breeder "vom Wellier Land") delivers black-red puppies. Jule has been at the doctor today. Currently we do not know how many puppies will be born. Mehr...

Title "International beauty champion" acknowledged by FCI


Today the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has officially acknowledged the title International Beauty Champion for Ursus von den Haflinern. Mehr...

PSK-KSA-Schau Ruhrtal excellent 1st place & BOB


At the KSA-Show of PSK-OG Ruhrtal 2008 Ursus has been judged with excellent 1st place by Mr. Schneider, got all entitlements and became best-of-breed. Mehr...

Title "German Champion PSK" acknowledged


The PSK has officially acknowledged the title "Deutscher Champion PSK" on Dec. 12th, 2007. The acknowledge letter can be downloaded as a PDF from the following page. More...

Exposition Kassel (Germany) exc. 1, 5th CACIB & BOB

December, 5th 2007

At the international dog show in Kassel (Germany) 2007 Mr. Peter Schön jugded Ursus as excellent 1st place. He got the entitlement CACIB and became BOB. Now Ursus has 3 CACIBs from Germany and 2 from foreign countries.

Ursus has fulfilled the preconditions for the title "international beauty champion". We expect the title to be officially approved by the FCI in 3 to 6 months. More...

Excellent 1st place on national dog show in Dortmund

October, 13th 2007

On the national dog show 2007 in Dortmund, Ursus received the result "excellent 1st place" in the champion class. Judge was Mr. Gottfried Nagel. More...

Title "Bundessieger 2007" & 3rd CACIB

October, 12th 2007

At the "Bundessiegerschau 2007" in Dortmund Mrs. Anja Kopp judged Ursus with excellent 1st place, got the entitlements CACIB and the title "Bundessieger 2007".
On 13.10.2007 Ursus' son Aragon "Oskar" vom Rittmeister will also be at the national dog show in Dortmund. More...

Title "Champion Luxemburg" acknowledged

October, 12th 2007

The certificate for the title "Champion Luxemburg" arrived today. More...

Character test passed

October, 3rd 2007

Ursus has passed the character test today. Breed survey judge Bernd Rath was the judge today at PSK local group in Bonn. All dogs passed the stamina examination (7 dogs) and character tests (9 dogs). More...

New photo guest book online

September, 12th 2007

Yahoo! Since today everyone can leave his "paw-print" in the new photo guest book (by ...). Entries with own photo are welcome ;-) More...

"Champion Luxembourg"

September, 2nd 2007


Ursus gained the result "excellent 1st place" on the international dog show in Luxembourg and the entitlement CAC-L. Since Ursus started in the champion class, only one entitlement is necessary for the title "Champion Luxembourg". Unfortunatly he did not win the competition for the CACIB entitlements but got the reserve CACIB.

Not less important: We are very proud that Ursus' offspring "Aragon vom Rittmeister" (called Oskar) attended this dog show, too. Oskar went into the honor ring as the "best male Pinscher puppy".

"Excellent 1st place" on PSK KSA dog show in Kaiserslautern.

July, 29th 2007

First competition in the "champion class" resulted in "excellent 1st place".

Examniation of congential eye diseases

July, 4th 2007

Today Ursus has been examined, if he has any congential eye disease.
Result: free of congential eye diseases.

Guest book online

June, 24th 2007

Today I have added a guest book to Ursus' web site. User navigation in the guest book is in german only.

English site launched

June, 24th 2007

Today the english translation of Ursus' website has been launched.

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