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About Ursus

Born on 04/04/2004 as one of 8 puppies (5 male and 3 female).


Christa Klein, Südstr. 18, 52152 Simmerath, Germany, Phone +49/2473/4416

Height and weight

Ursus is 49cm (1.6ft) tall and has a weight of 19.5 kg (43 lbs).

Important prosperities and training


Pedigree # VDH04DP 03000467
Chip number: 945000000081002


Arco vom Sternentor (HD A2)
* 07.01.2000
Grand parents:
Father: Basko von Kuki *11.04.1989 (HD 1)
Mother: Uljana vom Robinienhof *01.03.1998 (HD B2)


Erbse von den Haflingern (HD A1)
* 06.04.2000
Grand parents:
Father: Natif de la Barque de L'Esprit *06.02.1995 (HD 0)
Mother: Ferry von den Haflingern *31.03.1994 (HD 0)

You can find the complete pedigree of Ursus here as a PDF.


Unfortunatly we do not know most of Ursus' 7 siblings. At the "Jahrhundertsiegerschau 2006" (century winner dog show) in Dortmund/Germany we saw two of his brothers. All three look nearly the same.


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